Quiz, Ships, and Fish & Chips

We were not quite sure what to expect when we booked places for a pub quiz on board the Golden Hinde, Sir Francis Drake’s ship. Would it be a themed quiz? Would the drinks be from the 16th century? Did they have prosecco back then?

Although the Golden Hinde is a replica, it still retains the aura of an Elizabethan galleon. If you get there early, make the most of your time onboard by exploring the cabins of the ship. It would be easy to think you have gone back in time as you wander alone below decks.

We chose to soak in the atmosphere by huddling on the wooden benches and sharing a bottle of red wine before the quiz started. This enabled us to discuss at length the choice of our team name -those who like a challenge will certainly enjoy trying to find a name with a nautical pun.

The questions themselves were challenging but varied, which enabled everyone to contribute. Those of us who could not think clearly on an empty stomach were put at ease when we were brought fresh fish and chips from the nearby Fish Kitchen in Borough market.

Overall, it was an excellent evening. Although we did not manage to win the quiz (we achieved a respectable 3rd place), we disembarked into the 21st century four hours later with new friends and a full stomach.

The Golden Hinde hosts a ‘Quiz and Chips’ night monthly – the next event is on 11 May. For more information, visit http://www.goldenhinde.com/whats-on/.