London Cocktail week – Seven days of cocktails

As London Cocktail Week kicks off on 3rd October, we’ve planned your weeklong cocktail binge so you don’t have to. Below you’ll find seven of the worst kept secrets in London’s cocktail scene- you’re welcome.

Monday: Start off the week with a visit to the cocktail-making temple that is the Experimental Cocktail Club. The bar is over several floors, the décor is cosy and drinks are excellent. Your biggest challenge will be finding the unmarked door that leads to the bar upstairs…

Tuesday: Contact detective agency Evans & Peel in advance to let them know of the mystery you would like them to solve, and let them take it from there… The bar itself is a candle lit, Prohibition-themed affair, which also serves sliders and huge portions of fries. Ideal for an unusual date.

Wednesday: Head eastbound for an unusual Doctor’s appointment! Dr Kluger’s is situated inside the Canary Wharf branch of the Breakfast Club. Once you’ve found your way in, you will be rewarded with cocktails, friendly staff and a table made especially for dancing on! We recommend their Apérol-based, Alps-themed cocktails. All of them.

Thursday: Follow the music at the entrance of Leadenhall Market to step back in time in this Prohibition-themed (it’s a popular theme) basement bar. Order ‘The Button Man and his Goat’ and enjoy the live music every Thursday.

Friday: Book ahead for your Friday night at Demon and Wise and try one of their signature tasting cocktails, The Demon or The Wise, which come in threes. Enjoy the dimmed lights and the very attentive mixologists, and forget that you’re in the City!

Saturday: Don your best red lipstick and head over to Cahoots for a 40s-themed cocktail experience in a disused Underground station. There are over 40 types of cocktails on offer, so factor in decision-making time. Booking essential on Saturdays.

Sunday: If you’ve made it to the end of this week you will need to go somewhere where you can take it easy. Recline in a leather chair in the Lounge and enjoy unique cocktails with unusual flavours. If you are all cocktailed out, the very friendly staff will be more than happy to guide you in your choice!…