Film Review: “Coco”

The Lion King has always been my favourite animated film; it now, however, has a contender. Coco has to be Pixar’s best film in a long time; Cars 3 was a disappointment, The Good Dinosaur was a disaster and The Monsters University was unnecessary.

The film is about a boy called Miguel (voiced by Anthony Gonzales) who journeys into the land of the dead on Día de los Muertos. His aim is to gain acceptance of his passion for music as his family prohibit it. The reason his family forbid and loathe music is generations old, as Miguel’s great-great-grandmother was left by her husband in pursuit of a music career. In order for Miguel to return to the land of the living, he needs to obtain a blessing from a family member in the land of the dead. As no one accepts his passion for music he really only has one person to turn to… his great-great-grandfather.

The film takes an interesting and deep approach on the theme of death. Coco asks the question, if people still remember you and the impact of your existence is still felt, are you truly dead or in a way can you have a type of immortality? For a children’s film, that is actually philosophical and weighty, but Pixar deals with it in such a heartfelt way that it is still suitable for a younger audience.

Take your children and loved ones to the cinema on 19 January 2018 (UK release date) and watch Pixar’s most colourful film yet; I assure you that you will be pleasantly entertained.

Rating 5/5