Breakfast At ‘The Walkie Talkie’

You make your way to the Darwin Brasserie by ascending through the dense tropical foliage. The brasserie has a relaxed ambiance and sedate classical music plays while you enjoy some of the best views in London.A fabulous way to start the day.The staff are attentive, professional and friendly.

The breakfast menu is reassuringly extensive, catering for the health conscious as well as the gluttonous, a category which I put myself in. I ordered a ‘Full English’ which at £16.50 needed to be as elevated as the Sky Garden itself and it was. My poached eggs were delicious, as was the beautifully prepared black pudding. A hearty portion of tasty dry cured bacon, good quality sausage and the best grilled mushroom I have had in some time.

Breakfast is accompanied by a plentiful basket of toast. It is the first time I have sent my compliments to the chef during a breakfast. My partner ordered smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. If you like your scrambled eggs rich with cream and unctuous you will be delighted.

Breakfast for two is about £40 with coffee. The experience and the views make this well worth it and you are able to enjoy the Sky Garden at your leisure both before and after breakfast. Given that it costs £26 each to visit the Shard’s viewing gallery this is a bargain in comparison

You can find out more information, view the menu and book a table here