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About Us

BDBF are a team of specialist employment lawyers whose clients work in the great City of London and its surrounding business districts.

We have helped hundreds of senior executives in tough workplace disputes and severance negotiations against the largest financial and other City institutions achieving excellent results and protecting reputations.

This success has enabled us to become the go-to firm for financial services professionals and a leading senior executive firm in Chambers and Partners 2019 and Legal 500 2019 directories. We were also shortlisted ‘Boutique City Law Firm of the Year’ by our leading industry publication, ‘The Lawyer’ in 2014.

We have built up fantastic networks and relationships to provide our clients with a holistic service helping them to achieve career success and healthy lives.

Those relationships gave us the idea for this site, which is for the busy senior executive who wants to know the latest news affecting their working lives in the City.

If you want to impress clients, SITC will inform you of where the latest great places are to wine and dine, have a quiet business lunch or to meet colleagues or referrers for drinks after work.

if you are experiencing difficult circumstances at work, you can contact BDBF for confidential employment law advice through SITC, and read the latest employment law news focussing on partners and senior executives in financial services, insurance and professional services in the City, Canary Wharf and Mayfair.

We also have the latest views from the trading floor to boardroom machinations, and movers and shakers in the City from our guest journalists.

Most of all, we want SITC to improve knowledge, help to achieve executive career success and enable senior executives to live their lives with vitality.

We hope that you enjoy the site and spread the word.

If you have ideas for contributions, please Contact Us.

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