An East End Christmas

East London continues in its metamorphosis from East Enders to Bohemia, with the opening this March of Brahms & Liszt in Chatsworth Road, E5. The off license and tasting room is the brainchild of Melanie Symonds, owner of Quiquiriqui Mezcal and other hedonistic, booze oriented enterprises.

Her seasonal, Christmas wheeze is a pre-mixed cocktail service, using the high-end, small producer spirits, which are the speciality of Brahms & Liszt. In addition to a broad range of fascinating and delicious drinks from around the world, Melanie’s hallmark is present in the form of what might well be the largest collection of mezcals anywhere in the UK.

The cocktails are delicious and unusual, and come in several, refillable sizes. The tasting room will organize tasting sessions at a fee, for those keen to try things out, and takeaway, premixed cocktails can be bought at a discount, by those attending tasting sessions. 
If you just pop in, without arranging a tasting, the shop runs a “Try before you buy” policy, which, given the obscurity to which Melanie’s expertise extends, is probably a good idea.

A little extra novelty and quality in the festive drinks cabinet can pay dividends in gatherings of friends and family truly special. The real hazard over the Christmas break lies in running out!