Why Family Time Will Get You a Pay Rise

Family happinessThis week I met a city banker on the train at 10 p.m. He told me that he had been working for 14 hours straight. He looked exhausted, tired and hungry; his typical working day was a 12-hour day. He went on to say that he had accepted working long hours was part of his life and believed that becoming a workaholic would make him more successful in his competitive work environment. He also told me that he was married with two young children but rarely saw them during the week.

Is becoming a workaholic and working long hours the path to success, or is there a better way?

Most successful business leaders address these work/life issues so that their working career doesn't become an addiction or an obsession.

Spending time with your family or friends allows you to use the most creative side of your brain rather than the logical side.


  1. Take relaxation seriously - this could include a siesta or spending time with family, to exercise or meditate.
  2. Unplug technology - laptops, cell phones and emails can all be a distraction to our family time, holidays and social activities.
  3. Get organised- workaholics get burnt out very quickly. I find a ‘to-do’ list is a great way to prioritise and set up a schedule to help free up your time.
  4. Eat real food - real food includes fruits, veggies, lean meats and grains. Preparing your meals the day before will bring out your creative side and also make you more aware of what foods are healthy choices.
  5. Cultivate healthy habits - this is not going to be a quick solution but a long-term behavior change. Exercising for 30 minutes three times a week, preparing food or enjoying a hobby.

There is no such thing as all work and no play. Check in next month for the next part of the work/life balance series. Let me help you take you to the next level.

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