Does Your CV Match Your Business Image ?

She looked too perfect.. almost robotic so we rejected her candidacy after the 1st interview. She did not feel as if she could be one of us” so spoke a well known financial entrepreneur to me in a recent meeting about his experiences of hiring. This revealed an interesting downside risk in over-perfecting one’s professional image.  If you have recently experienced job loss then image is a powerful weapon. Use it to your advantage in your job search.

Both CV and image are of course silent and visual indicators of self esteem.  In the rush to manage our work and pressure of daily lives sometimes we can overlook that CV and professional image are actually two radio waves that are broadcast in parallel. The CV speaks to today and one’s track record and the professional image is contemporary and should be forward focused.  Too scruffy? Why should a future boss or employer care? Too perfect?  Is he able to get involved with the hard grit of office life? So this is a high wire act.

Dress though is a great signaller of future ambition. Some  people  seem to know this almost innately, particularly those with a career history in the Armed Forces. One you have attained one level (Captain, Major etc) you are being groomed or dressed for the next promotion and the HM Armed Forces Uniform and related symbols all mirror that.

Here in the civilian world it is all much more nuanced and ambiguous and it is one area which people embark on a job search tend to forget as there are so many other things to consider and manage.

Reviewing one’s professional image carefully is a good way of acting at the next level and once one starts acting it, it is easier and more natural to step up and get back on that ladder.

By Karen Hale